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Went to my grandma’s house earlier. 🏡👵 Her front yard has sooo many roses. 🌹🌹🌹 I love it. 👌 This is my favorite kind of rose. 💕
Date night with my boyfriend. 👫 We went & watched “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” again. 🎥 Not in 3D this time tho. Afterwards, we went to Cold Stone. 😋 Ah, he knows how to make me happy.❤️ (at Cold Stone Creamery - Fresno, Clovis, Visalia & Hanford)
Took a little trip to the mall with my mama. 💸 I wanted to use my two Secret Reward cards from Victoria’s Secret. 🎀 I ended up letting her have one. 😁 I also wanted to stop by Bath & Body Works, because it was the last day of their sale. 💗 This was a great deal! I paid less than $10 for both. 👌 Usually it would be almost $30. 🙅
Roses that I got from my mom’s garden. 🐝
Floral/polka dot print cross body bag.
Fashion Fair Mall.
From when I watched Captain America in 3D.
I love her purses with bows lately.
Rainy day.
Costco sells these packs of EOS.
*Cries* It’s so beautiful.
So beautiful.
Nap time.