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August 19th, 2014 3 Notes reblog
Went to the Taco Truck Throwdown with my family last night. 🐻⚾️ (at Chukchansi Park)
My boyfriend bought me my own little Mjolnir at Hot Topic. 🔨😁 I’ll never forget my keys now. 🔑
Fashion Fair Mall earlier with @majesticgto. 👫❤️ I never really eat Panda Express, but the shrimp was really good. 🐼👌 (at Fresno Fashion Fair)
Milkshakes with my mama & sister. Got a free rental from Redbox. 😁
If I didn’t have a bunch of mason jars already, I’d buy these. 😜
Marie Callender’s.
Full moon on my date night with my boyfriend. 🌝 July 11th.
I need these for Winter. 😩😍
I’d buy this if I drank coffee.
Free slurpee. 😜