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First selfie on my iPhone from back in January. 😸 (at Highway 180)
@therealfashawn & I. 😁 I really didn’t think he’d be there, but I’m happy he went! I was so hyped up when he got on stage with Evidence. 🎤 (at Sanger Park)
I love my mama. 🌹❤️
Happy 88th Birthday to my beautiful grandma. 🌹 I love her & hope she is blessed with many more birthdays. 🎉
My hair yesterday. 🎀 First time doing it like that. I liked it. 😁
Bowling like a champ. 🏆 Lol, jk. (at AMF Sierra Lanes)
Bowling with @majesticgto, @jessmaxine, & @cervantes_85. 👫🎳👫 (at AMF Sierra Lanes)
I had so much fun yesterday with my babe. ☺️💕 (at Big Fresno Fair)
Lol, my eyes are closed. 👎 Oh well. 💏 (at Big Fresno Fair)
Waiting for the ride to start. 🙆 (at Big Fresno Fair)
Fisherman’s Wharf. 😄
@MajesticGTO took me to Red Robin’s & Sierra Lanes Thursday night. We had so much fun. ☺ He whooped my ass the first game of bowling tho, lol.
My niece’s kindergarten graduation was this morning. 👏😁🎈
My date with @MajesticGTO yesterday. ☺ He took me to watch “Hangover 3”, eat nachos at Robertito’s, & get a milkshake at Sonic. (at SONIC Drive In)
I liked how my hair looked yesterday. 👍 Took these while I waited for my boyfriend to pick me up. 💁