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My phone is full.

I guess it’s time to finally upload my photos. Brace yourselves, lol.

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"There’s no point in wishing the past was different. Not when you’ve got so much goin’ for you now."

Lou Pickles

Rugrats (S2-E8)

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It’s nice to know that my tutorials are actually useful!
You can check them out here:
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I have so much stuff that I want to write on here.

I can’t seem to just sit down & write it all tho.

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Damn, I don’t post shit on here that much anymore.

I kinda feel like I’ve abandoned Tumblr. Sorry. I’ll try to post more. I should set up my que. I get so lazy tho.

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I found out how much weight I’ve lost so far yesterday.

I have not weighed myself since I started eating better & exercising. I went to the doctor yesterday & they weighed me. I have lost 30 pounds. :o I was so surprised, because I didn’t think I’ve lost that much weight. I’m determined to lose more tho.

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I went shopping at Forever 21 yesterday.

I hadn’t been there in a couple years. Omg, they had so much cute clothes. I didn’t even get to look at the whole store, because it’s so damn big. The dressing room was hot as fuck. It felt like they had the heater on in there. Oh & it’s such bullshit that they only let you take in six clothes at a time in there. I tried on like 15/16 things. I ended up getting three cute tops tho. ^_^

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I like seeing this:
It makes me feel like someone actually likes the shit I post on here. Ya feel me? Lol.
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This is my last year of being a teenager.

My birthday was Sunday, March 3rd. I am 19 years old now ._. I basically celebrated it like all weekend, lol. I got my hair cut & dyed on Friday. I went to Red Lobster & then to the casino on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I went to watch “21 And Over”. It was a pretty good birthday.

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5 more days until I turn 19.

I’m getting old. I’m excited for my birthday tho. I just want to have fun & be happy. March 3rd, it’s going downnn. Lol.

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I had a dream last night that James woke up from being in a coma.

& we started dating again. That was one of my best & worst dreams. I woke up & was happy, because it felt so real. Then I remember that he’s gone. I can’t hug him, hold his giant hands, or give him a kiss on his big ass lips ever again :( Damn, I miss you so much. RIP James❤

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I don’t think I’ll ever be truly happy.

I’ve been unhappy for so long now & I just feel like this feeling of sadness will never go away.

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